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To analyze the development trend in the business of the autotrader.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The analysis of the worldwide regional web search of "AutoTrader.co.uk"

The analysis of the worldwide regional web search of "AutoTrader.co.uk"

      The Auto Trader is founded in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is mainly searched in the UK. And it is also developed a good business in Zimbabwe and Ireland. Zimbabwe was once a British colony until 1980, while Ireland is very close to the UK.On the continent of the United Kingdom, England rises to the first place followed by Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

      With increasing customers now using the website and mobile versions of Auto Trader, Nicosia is in the first position among the cities which search "AutoTrader.co.uk" online. Brentford and Poplar are the second and third one respectively.

     Autotrader.co.uk was launched in 1996 allowing users to buy or sell a car online using their postcode.

Friday, June 14, 2013

AutoTrader.co.uk,UK’s leading motoring website

The Auto Trader branded website and magazines form the core part of the group’s business; AutoTrader.co.uk is the UK’s leading motoring website with monthly unique users of up to 10 million per month. Meanwhile, the Auto Trader magazines have an average weekly circulation of circa 52,000 copies across the UK and Ireland. This strong position means TMG operates the number one UK marketplace for motorists and offers unrivalled response to customers’ advertisements.

    The group monetises its consumer usage - web, mobile and print - principally through the sale of classified advertising to its dealer customers. It operates primarily in the UK, with a branch located in the Republic of Ireland and subsidiary companies in Ireland and South Africa.

    Established in 1976, Auto Trader is the UK’s number one brand for buying and selling used cars. Trader Media Group has built on that customer trust by offering a huge variety of online, mobile and magazine opportunities for buying and selling the whole range of business and private vehicles. We operate nationally throughout the UK and have an international presence in Ireland and South Africa.Our brand including auto trader,2nd byte,autotrade-mail,bike trader,plant trader,truck trader and so on.

An Analysis Report of www.autotrader.co.uk

An Analysis Report of www.autotrader.co.uk

   According to related data, From 2004, the volume of autotrader.co.uk is
not so ideal on the whole.

   From 2004 to December 2008, the search volume of autotrader.co.uk
performs well and peaked at February 2004. Although there are some
fluctuations, the level of volume is not bad, the fluctuation is only
about 30%. However from then on, the volume has been falling all the
time. Now it hit the record low of 20%. Therefore, generally speaking,
the trend is quite passive.

   In United Kingdom area, England ranks first in using
autotrader.co.uk. Scotland ranks second.

Auto Trader : An ideal place for your car

Auto Trader : An ideal place for your car

    If you get a driver's license, want to buy one of their own car, but it seemed impossible to start when you are faced with a wide variety of sites and shops.Then you may wish to take a look here, Auto Trader: An ideal place for your car.If you are tired of the broken car of their own hands, is to prepare for a new, but then the price of a new car is hesitant.Then you may wish to take a look here, not only the latest vehicle for you to choose, as well as second-hand car.

     Auto Trader is for you to lift trouble, this is the website of the trade for a car, you do not need to rush to go to the store front of each car is carefully selected, this will waste too much of your time, you can alsounnecessary distress for the election are not satisfied with the car.You can take a look at the pictures of the car before deciding to buy, if you really want to buy a car, then here is the best option.

     Now you can look at a brief introduction of these cars:


    Today's 4-door sedans are available in all sizes, from tiny subcompacts to full-size luxury models. We've listed a few of each in our latest story, which highlights sedan deals available in May. Each offer is available throughout the month, giving shoppers an extra reason to snag a new model soon.

   Toyota Camry:

    The midsize Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars in the U.S. Shoppers looking for a good deal on the 2013 Camry can take advantage of two special offers in May. For drivers interested in a lease,  Toyota is offering a 36-month deal with payments starting at just $199 per month. That's a pretty good rate -- though it requires $2,598 down at lease signing. For drivers looking to finance a Camry, Toyota has an even better offer. The automaker is touting interest rates as low as zero percent for up to 60 months for qualified buyers.

   Volkswagen jetta:

   The jietta is Volkswagen's smallest sedan. In May, it's available with two incentives. The first is a lease deal on the base-level 2013 Jetta S. Through the end of the month, shoppers can put nothing down and get the sedan for 36 months with payments starting at $199 per month. For drivers who would prefer to finance,  Volkswagen  is offering the Jetta S with 0.9 percent interest for up to 66 months. Finance shoppers can also get a rare deal this month on the efficient Jetta TDI, which is available with zero percent interest for up to 66 months.

     There are many more good car not 11 shows, if you want to buy a car it quickly, do not hesitate!

Why the autotrader much the majority of users?


   The autotrader There are many transactions and transactions very quickly recognized by many users. Many users leave good reviews on the page.

    “Very happy with the response I got on Bike Trader. I sold it to the first buyer that called and got an extra £5!”

    Good response!
    “I got excellent response, plenty of calls and the second person to view my bike bought it”

    “Great experience with Bike Trader with no problems at all. Tip top 100%!”

    Good service!
    “ Excellent service, great response. My bike was bought by the second person to call, followed by 17 other calls.”

   These factors make it the autotrader much the majority of users.

Easy car AutoTrader acquisition, the two sides will be better win-win


   Easy car company, China's leading automotive Internet companies, announced earlier, part of the company listed former shareholders of the largest US auto site AutoTrader Group has reached a definitive agreement about the tender offer.
    According to the final agreement, AutoTrader Group agreed to by the non-open market transactions to total $ 58.5 million to the shareholders of the Vendor purchased easy car 9 million ordinary shares, equivalent to 21.8% of the shares of the easy car. AutoTrader Group entered into a definitive stock purchase agreement at the same time, easy car members of senior management, including Chairman and CEO of Li Bin, president of Shaojing Ning, Zhang Xu, Chief Financial Officer, security, senior vice president of Qu Wei Hai and other listed former shareholders reached another equity acquisition of a definitive agreement. Under this agreement, the members of senior management of the easy car will total $ 6.5 million and easy car acquired approximately 2.4% of the shares to the shareholders of the Vendor. The easy car AutoTrader Group senior management will be provided a four-year term loan to complete the share deal.
    "We are very pleased AutoTrader Group will become a the easy car a strategic investor," said Mr. Li Bin, Chairman and CEO of the easy car. "As the largest US auto site, AutoTrader Group is an ideal partner for easy car With easy car AutoTrader's leading position in China and the United States, the world's largest auto market, we are very confident the combined strengths of the two sides will have each other bring long-term contribution to the future development and create shareholder value. "
    AutoTrader in easy car China leading automotive Internet company's investment, the development of both sides closer to AutoTrader Group CEO Chip Perry. "This investment further strengthens AutoTrader Group's investment portfolio, and laid a good foundation for the Group's future growth in emerging markets and explore more opportunities. "